Machine Learning – Artificial Intelligence – Assignment (30/11/2016)

Machine Learning, I think machine learning is something cool to learn. Machine learning make us know how machine thinks use logic like human. Machine learning can help us people to do our daily life, or help people to found new invention. The main purpose of machine learning is to make people life easier. Machine learning it’s very useful, many things can be done easier by using machine learning. Machine learning will always grow up like never ends, because with machine learning many invention can found. Today, many machine learning that use to learn about human in media social, and machine learning that can learn about person’s habbit in a website.


Machine learning that interesting to be built according to me is machine learning that can learn about human healthy. So the machine can know if a person sick, what the disease, and how to treat him. This will help human to save their life.


Name: Hendrix Jhon Rickson S

NIM: 1901511020

Class: LA02

Odd Semester 2016/2017

School of Computer Science, Bina Nusantara University

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